The Pods

Pod Rental – short term let                                                                                          



Per hour                                £10 

Per day                                   £40

Per week                               £100

Per calendar month     £300

  • Pods are rented furnished by TravelExtra Ltd
  • Rentals will be invoiced monthly by TravelExtra Ltd
  • Costs are inclusive of rates, electricity and broadband access
  • The Pods and existing furnishings are insured by TravelExtra Ltd
  • TravelExtra Ltd has Public Liability Insurance which covers its visitors (copy available on request)
  • The tenant would need to insure any of their own staff, equipment and belongings

By prior arrangement, and subject to availability, tenants may also have use of the Exhibition Area within TravelExtra and on the Paragon Station Concourse to support and promote their activities

In partnership with tenants, TravelExtra Ltd will do all it can to promote and publicise activities and services delivered within.

Where activities are to be delivered on a short term basis we would suggest providing flyers and posters for display and distribution in the two weeks leading up to the event

*Charges valid until 31 March 2013

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