City Centre Publicity

City Centre Publicity for your Organisation from only £3 per week *

  • Publicise your services to a wider audience
  • City Centre location
  • Staff on- hand to signpost and make referrals by phone
  • Free use of exhibition space and meeting room

A fantastic opportunity for all community/voluntary/charitable organisations to raise their profile within the heart of the city. Travel Extra has introduced an Information Access Point (Just Ask), which will offer an accessible information and referral service within Paragon Interchange, where residents and visitors alike can have access to information on a wide range of support services/tourist information/activities within the city etc.

  • Are you yet to start using up your marketing budget for this Financial Year, and you can’t carry it over? (This is your opportunity to use it or lose it)

Community Junction is a hub for social enterprise activities, that is why we are also offering our superb exhibition space to promote your activities or events to either your members or to the general public.

* Based on a 12 month contract.

For more information please contact Bill Murray on:

Tel: 01482 212832 or

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